Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My Sisters
I am one of six kids. There are 3 girls and 3 boys and we are not the Brady Bunch.

Today, I'm going to talk about my sisters. We are all older than the boys anyway so we should go first!

First up is my sister Jenn. She is the oldest and I have looked up to her always.

It seems all my siblings work in some sort of helping career or a noble cause.

Jenn led the way as a Nurse. She has been nursing for 10 years! She was even awarded the National PSI IOTA XI of the Year at the National Convention.

She is married to a great guy (who teases me endlessly) and has a wonderful daughter. (I'm planning a whole blog on my nieces, the most beautiful girls in the world!)

She is compassionate, wise, and ever so fun to be around! When I need a listening ear I call her. She is an amazing listener and encourages me all the time.

One of the greatest things about sisters and siblings in general is the shared history. Even if you don't get along with them (Jenn and I do get along) there is a bond and an understanding that no one else will ever have.

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful big sis who is always there for me even though we live thousands of miles apart. (I love skype :) She is one of the main reasons a little part of me wants to move back to IN. Miss you Sis!

Here she is in her nurse garb holding a friends new born :)
Next is my sister Becky. Beck, is my younger sister only a year and a half younger who has always been taller than me. (really! I think she passed me up by the time she was 3!)

In keeping with my siblings quest for doing things outside of themselves Becky is a great example. She has traveled the world and the country. She started off with a year long trip to China to teach english and most recently worked at a summer camp "Shepherds Camp" that is for adults and teenagers with developmental disabilities. She is also a certified EMT.

It isn't a secret we haven't always gotten along. When we were kids we were definatly at each other a lot, but we also had some incredable times. We made entire paperdoll houses and families from JC Penny catalogs. But once we got older (and I stopped crying as much) we became friends. I have learned what a cool and fun person she is. There is NO ONE funnier than Becky, no one! She can make our whole family laugh with one phrase.

There are days I'm jealous of the adventures she has traveling every where and the way she keeps in touch with everyone she meets. But I know I am where I should be and the same is for her.

Here is a picture of her on a hike in Colorado where she has spent significant time and is moving back there shortly.

Here is a picture of the three of us in San Francisco when they surprised me with a visit last February.

Look for a post on my brothers soon!!!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Wish List!

Rainy days are good for blogging.
Today I'll feature some items that reside in my favorites on etsy.

IngoDesign has so much beautiful jewelry, but this is by far my favorite item in the shop!

The second item on my list today is from BeautifulSoaps. I LOVE beer! I always thought I would hate it since I thought it smelled horrible. But I love beer now! And I would love to try out these soaps!

I wear hoodies 24/7 sadly 99% of them are black. I love black but I seriously need some color in this department. Enter Salts and this amazing incredibly soft looking hoodie aaaand it's a hemp organic cotton fleece blend!

I have a strange obsession with snails. My dad told a story about Ferdinand the snail when I was a kid and ever since I think they are the cutest things ever. curiouspug makes this little sweet snail that just wants to come home with me!

That's my wish list today!

Oh and check out the business card I'm working on :D