Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One step at a time

I cannot say how I got here. Unable to go to work, sad and angry. I can only say that this time I'm doing it better. I am being active, creative and productive. I started making journals to simply give me something to do, something to keep hands and my mind busy. I hate the disease that got me here, but I do not hate that I am here. I feel fulfilled when I create. I feel productive. I know that I am creating art and that gives me the knowledge that I am doing something good with my situation.

I am bipolar. Maybe it seems this isn't the place to talk about this, but it is. It is why I am here, why I create the art I do. It's what keeps me from working a normal day job at this time. And so it is also what allows me to make journals and be so active on etsy.

Mostly I will speak of other artist that inspire me, my art, my shop, but occasionally I will speak of this. Because there is a face behind my journals. And I am in awe of the fact that all of my work comes out with some idea of love, peace, and hope. I cannot claim that I feel any of those most of the time, but it is comforting to know that what drives me to create is good and beautiful. And that gives me hope and even a little love for myself.

No picture today, no links, just my thoughts on why I do what I do.

- Sarah

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  1. Good for you, Sarah! And that's all we can do, create & share with others. It is a beautiful thing :) Love the post.