Sunday, January 10, 2010

Clean, Organized, and Ever So Easy to Create!

I recently bought a shelving unit to store all my papers and supplies. I put it together on Friday. Yesterday I cleaned my whole creating area using this new white beauty to organize all my papers and things! Wow! What difference it makes! I feel so much more excited to create and make :D

Here are some pictures to show you what it looks like now!
This is the unit. See all my papers so organized and pretty!

This shows my chair in relation to the shelving. (and my box of cardboard goods to recycle)

A closer look at the goodies I use to make the covers.

My "Office" As you can see it's the dinning room table with a comfy desk chair. (and my breakfast :)

That's my little tour! I know many of you would condsider this the "before" the organization photo, but for me this is the "after." And for me I'm quite satisfied :D


What does your "Office" or creating area look like?


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