Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sleep and Veggies

Ok, This is what I used to get to sleep last night. I started making a list in my head in hopes it would put me to sleep :D

Veggies I love and hate!

I really like it raw, most people don't know you can. But it needs to be fresh on the cob and then it's sweet and yummy.
Cooked on the cob is amazing the best way to eat it!!! (oh and IN corn is the best) Cooked off the cob is good when fresh and ok from the can. I have recently found that steamed its very good.

Green beans
Raw they are mmmm good!
Cooked they are yummy as long as they aren't the squeaky kind bring it on!

If cooked right it's one of my favorites. With white sauce or baked.

Cooked I almost hate them. Raw they are mmmm esp snap peas.

I only like them as baby carrots. Not carrot sticks from regular carrots. I don't like them cooked in any way.

Celery (I have very strong feelings about this guy)
NASTY!!! When it is raw its stringy and horrible. When its cooked, lets just say I will pick it out no matter what. Gag.

Bell peppers of any colors so good. Cooked or Raw. Peppercinis are one I am getting used to. Anything hotter than them I can't handle.

I like them baked :D Raw is good too, but in small amounts.

I mostly like them in all ways.

Cooked it always seems mushy. And raw (this is strange) gives me hiccups.

Cooked/Pickled are yummy.

I like them raw, mostly with ranch. Pickled ever so perfect. I even made and canned some when I was younger. My brothers loved them.

Tomatoes (yes I know they are a fruit but I refuse to call them that)
I love tomato sauce so I guess I like them cooked. I love raw tomatoes, but they seriously need to be fresh not those little white squares the put Taco Bell things.

Wow I have always quoted them as one of my three favorite foods. Boiled, Baked, Mashed, Baked, Roasted, Au Gratin (that word looks funny), Fried. The only exception is potato salad.

Brussel Sprouts
I have no strong feelings about them. Except my pastor from my youth paid me a $1 to eat three. haha

Raw always tastes gritty and dirty no matter how many times I wash it, so no thanks. I love it cooked.

I only like iceberg lettuce. The rest are so hard to wrangle in my mouth and feels like I'm eating leaves.

I really only like it if its cooked to perfection. If its mushy in anyway, Ick. I do remember Jennifer hated Eggplant when we were kids.

I like them all ways.

I've only had them boiled I think with mayonnaise. It was really good.

I really like them in a wrap or sandwich. Although that seems contradictory to my lettuce statement.

I like the seeds baked. I hate pumpkin pie.

Cabbage (possible should be with the lettuce)
Meh. Cooked I don't really enjoy it. Raw it gives me hiccups.

Water Crescents (not sure if that's the right way to spell it)
I seriously just shuttered. The texture is sooooo horrible. It reminds me of nails on a chalkboard.

Well, I can't think of anymore.

What are your favorites and hated veggies?

As my Auntie Ru says:
Peace, Love and Veggies (or is it Peace, Love and eat your veggies?)

Dissclaimer: Many of these are not technically veggies, but are mostly well know as them.


  1. I LOVE this post! Artichokes are good marinated, if you like marinated things. My great gram and I would sit over a jar and eat the whole thing up. Makes my mouth water just thinking of it!

    And I love the disclaimer :) You didn't get much sleep did you ;)

  2. I'm glad someone enjoyed this post :D I was begining to think I was crazy!
    hmmm marinated, I'll have to try that!

    and you are correct not get much sleep. :)

  3. Water Crescents (watercress) made me laugh! :))

  4. Yeah i'm a nerd sMac :D Thanks for the clarification! haha

  5. You veggie monger you! LOL I loved this post it is so refreshing, just like you are!

    .... and water crescents? I thought you meant water chestnuts. In chinese food..